noah forman and dru johnston are so important and here’s why:


dr. heckle and mr. snide

santa and satan “the same letters changed around”

the turkey jerky boys?

and nun chucks

that is all

Fun night

The Nunchucks.

The Nunchucks.

Tonight, Tonight

I got off the C train one stop early tonight, just to walk a bit farther and get some air, and passed by a Cuban restaurant in Fort Greene. West Side Story was being projected onto the wall outside in the restaurant’s courtyard, and the the noise was playing just softly enough that everyone within the restaurant could easily hear, but like a siren it was luring all of us on the other side of the fence to look up. There was a crowd forming, all standing in rapt attention, watching Tony and Maria sing “Tonight, Tonight” to each other. Every single person, regardless of age, race or company stopped and silently watched the scene. An old man emerged from the subway, looked up and leaned on a tree. A young couple grasping on the fence watched through the wire, and she rested her head on his shoulder. A group of teenagers stopped screaming and making fun of each other, and stood still and just watched. No one dared interrupt the song. Couples hugged each other closer, and you could see the loneliness in the faces of those people who were watching alone. It was like a window into all of their lost relationships. The song ended and everyone broke the silence and walked away, as if nothing happened.

There is nothing remarkable about this event, but I’ve been listening to that song all night. And I’m going to fall asleep to it now. 



I was a weird kid - pale and pudgy, wearing sweatsuits of various colors (thanks mom), always making strange noises and talking to myself in the mirror, both by myself and in the company of my action figures.

During these - lets call them “formative years” - I was sitting in Keyboarding…

The greatest selfie I ever took.

The greatest selfie I ever took.

Fuck Ayn Rand! Check out Matt Cutler’s The Fountainhead! @increasecutler

Fuck Ayn Rand! Check out Matt Cutler’s The Fountainhead! @increasecutler


I had fun on twitter this morning


Here’s something I wrote for The Occasional. Also for Brett White. 

We’re gonna do a whole sketch show for you, inspired by the songs of Billy Joel. (x)


I wrote this article for The Occasional about Hitler and time travel and how nothing ever works out for me. I’m very happy with how it turned out. PLEASE READ!

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